Why You Should Invest In A Two Storey Extension

Why You Should Invest In A Two Storey Extension

Why You Should Invest In A Two Storey Extension

Are you looking for Bristol Builders to increase the value of your property whilst unlocking brand new space in the heart of your home? Investing in a two-storey extension is the most cost-effective way to increase the value of your home. If you’re looking for a team of professional building contractors Bristol-based to transform your home, Hallett Construction will work with you to ensure your visions are correctly bought to life in the highest standard.

An important note to make: You will need to apply for planning permission when building a two-storey extension. This will depend on each property, whether you are granted permission to build will depend on each individual situation. Our team here at Hallett Construction can deal with this for you. Not only will this take the stress from you, but our team will work with you from start to finish to ensure the job is complete to the highest standard.

Let’s discuss the benefits of a brand new two-story extension.

A two-storey extension is much cheaper than moving house, yet space which comes with the new extension will make your home feel brand new. Did you know that a two-storey extension is more budget-efficient than a single story extension?

Is your family growing? Are you looking for some extra space both upstairs and downstairs? Do you need an extra bedroom and living space downstairs? A two-storey extension could be the answer to all our your prayers. Not only will the interior of your home feel more spacious whilst adding more living and sleeping space. But the exterior of your home will completely transform and change.

Your two-storey extension can be built onto any part of your existing property, however, you must be living in a detached or semi-detached house with the correct amount of space to build on. Planning rules usually require extensions to be mindful of the property surrounding your existing home. You will not be permitted to go ahead and build if you do not have the correct space to build on.

There can be some adaptations to your plans to ensure that you aren’t prohibiting any of your neighbour’s space, yet you’re seeking all of the advantages of the space you already have. This could include designing upstairs rooms with lower ceilings integrating them into your roof space. Leave this to the professionals, we will assess the space which we’re working with and come up with the right solutions to suit you and your living situation.

Here at Hallett Construction, we can work with you to bring all of your plans and visions to life. Get in touch today to find out all about our building services for a FREE quote, if you’re looking for Builders in Bristol to bring your building projects to life, we can help you today!

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