Do I need planning permission for my building extension? 

Do I need planning permission for my building extension? 


Are you looking to extend your home and unlock a whole new living area for your family to live in? When building an extension it’s difficult to know when you need planning permission and why you need it. We want to help you and educate you on the process of applying for planning permission. 


Our team of professionals combined have years worth of experience in the construction industry, we’re here to bring your plans to life. Why move house when you can upgrade your living space and renovate brand new space in your home. For more information contact our team today. Extending your home can be a huge financial commitment, we want to make sure you understand each step of the way, putting you at ease whilst design and build your home! 


What is planning permission? Planning permission is the application you must go through when planning an extension on your home or building a new space from scratch. This is essentially asking for permission to extend you home. In some cases these can be declined but more often than not, the application is granted allowing the process of building to run smoothly. 


It’s important for you to get planning permission, if you begin the work without gaining the permission you will be served an enforcement notice which will send you straight back to square one. If you receive this then you will have to straight away undo all the hard work which has been put into building the extension. It is illegal for you to ignore this notice, but there are options for you to appeal against the notice if you feel it’s necessary. 


When do you need planning permission? Have you decided to extend your home instead of uprooting and moving houses? If you’re planning on making a huge change to your home, completely renovating the space whilst building upon your existing home, you will need to apply for planning permission. This project can be so exciting, allowing our team to bring your ideal home to life. Once you have gained permission to build, this is where the fun can begin! 


Additionally, if you’re building something from scratch you will need to apply for planning permission. It’s important that you get all the legal side to the renovation correctly dealt with and ticked off, this will allow our team to begin working on your home sooner rather than later. Furthermore, if you’re changing the use of a building this will need planning permission. 


When you don’t need planning permission. It’s important to address the fact that when building or extending your home, you don’t always need to apply for planning permission. If your project doesn’t affect your neighbours or the environment, you will not need to claim planning permission. In addition, if your project benefits the community and you have their support you can carry on and begin the project without any planning permission. 


If you’re unsure or have any questions, contact our team and will talk you through the process and the steps you need to take when applying for planning permission. We want to help this process run smoothly, with our professional guidance we can bring your ideas to life sooner than you think.  


What happens after you apply for planning permission? Once you have submitted your application for planning permission to be granted on your project, here are the basic steps which will be put in place after you have applied. 


Initially your local planning authority will review your application and assess the pros and cons of your project. From here they will decide whether or not to grant you planning permission based on the project’s development plan. Those living around the project will be taken into careful consideration, this is a large factor of granting planning permission.  


Your planning application will be compared with its development plan, the local planning authority will take into consideration the following features of the project…


  • The landscaping needs for the project. 
  • The size, siting and external appearance of the overall building at the end of the project.
  • They will assess how the development would affect those living in the surrounding area. 
  • The use of the development will be assessed.  


If the board decides your development is acceptable, your application will be processed and you will be granted planning permission to begin the renovation. In some cases, there will be changes which need to be altered and addressed in order for your plan to be approved. Some plans can be completely declined and you will have to redesign and find a different solution which will fit into the desired criteria. 


For further information or any enquiries our team here at hallett construction are happy to help, we are Bristol Building specialists! Here at Hallett Construction our professionals deliver high standard work, we will work closely with you to make sure you’re bringing your visions to life the exact way you want it to be. 


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