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Single-storey, double-storey, kitchen, bathroom and wrap around extensions

single-storey house extension

Single-storey extensions are a great way to add an extra room to your home and are perfect for houses that use the pitched roof space.  

If part of your house uses the ground floor only, then we can build a single-storey extension to add a stunning extra bedroom to your home. Or if it is a downstairs extension you’re after, then how about that sought after dining room or a play room for the kids to hang out?

A bonus to getting a single-storey house extension is that you may not require planning permission.

single-storey rear extensions

Single-storey rear extensions are perfect for adding that much needed extra space to your kitchen. The most desired transformation we see for this type of home extension is creating an open plan area, with modern bifold doors opening out onto the garden. 

Single-storey rear extensions will not only dramatically increase the size of your property but has the ability to create a light, open and airy space that the whole family will love. 

This type of extension will also feel and look like a natural part of your home.


two-storey/multi extension

A two-storey extension can be built onto any part of the existing property – with the correct planning permission.

Multi storey extensions will increase the value of your property a considerable amount as you will gain both an extra bedroom/bathroom and a new living area for downstairs! 

This type of extension is also very desired as it can completely change the exterior of your home, with added quirky features that would be deemed impossible to create before.

However, you must live in a detached or semi detached house with side plot or a garden for a two-storey extension to be built.


kitchen extensions

Kitchen extensions are by far the most popular type of extension and is usually achieved via a single-storey extension. 

Over recent years, having an open plan kitchen is something that is well sought after and is often a key feature in what people look for when buying a new home.  You can understand why, seeing as a kitchen/living area is usually the most social part of a home. 

Getting a kitchen extension will add value to your house and will also change the whole dynamic of the inside. There are many designs you can choose from ranging from bifold doors to roof lanterns, to breakfast islands and wooden beams. Get a magazine and start designing!


bathroom extension

Having more than one bathroom is more than ideal, especially when you have a relatively large family. Getting an extension can enable you to have this new luxury in your life. 

If you’re fed up with having to wait for the shower in the mornings, or if you are tired of that one family member who always seems to take a lifetime in the bathroom, then this is definitely the right move for you. 

We are able to give you the whole works, from building out the exterior to fitting the brand new bathroom suite you have chosen.


wrap around house extension

A wrap around house extension is created by combining a side and rear extension together, creating an l-shape effect. 

This type of extension is suited to those who are wanting to remodel an entire room and increase the size. It can have a great impact on the whole look of your property and is great if you have a small garden as it won’t take up too much space.

For us to achieve a wrap around house extension you must of course have the required side space. Unlike single-storey house extensions, wrap arounds always require planning permission.