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Single & double garage conversions

A garage conversion is one of the quickest and most affordable options to add some extra room and value to your home (the most simple garage conversions can be completed in little more than a week). 

We provide services in and around the Bristol area, transforming your single or double garage into the desired room of your choice. 

We have experience in turning garages filled with unwanted possessions and junk into beautiful rooms to accommodate the home; be that an extra bedroom or knocking down the a-joining wall to create a luxury open plan kitchen area. 

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detatched garage conversions

If you have a detached garage you want to convert, then this can easily be turned into an annex or quiet home office. With children now hanging around well into their 20’s and with elderly parents to look after, annexes are becoming increasingly popular. 

If you are thinking about converting your garage into an annex, then you will more than likely be looking to build on top as well – which may require planning permission. 

Of course when it comes to converting your garage into an annex, the price will be considerably more than when you convert your garage into an extra room. This is because the annex will need an ensuite fitted and quite possibly a kitchen. 


garage conversion room ideas

You can do so much with a garage conversion, the possibilities are endless. Some of the more popular conversions we see are:

Converting a garage to a kitchen diner

The reason this type of conversion is hugely popular among our customers is because it is the ideal opportunity to create a large, open plan kitchen diner and living space. 

Converting a garage to a living room

As your children become older, they will often have different tastes and needs to your own. That is why creating an extra living area, specifically for your kids is a winner!

Converting a garage to a bedroom

Often growing up, your children will have to share a room with their sibling. But as they get older, having their own space is important, meaning converting your garage into a new bedroom is a fantastic idea. 


average costs for garage conversions

The cost of converting your garage can differ dependant on your requirements. 

The base figure for a single garage conversion is between £6k – £10k and the cost of a double garage conversion could be anything between £7k – £12k.

However, that is just for a standard room. Bathrooms and kitchens would cost more because a suite would need to be installed. 

We provide free quotes so if you’re wondering what your cost would be, contact us.

planning permissions for garage conversions

Planning permission is not usually required when converting your garage, providing the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building.

However, converting a garage will usually require approval under the Building Regulations. 

our experience

We pride ourselves on being one of Bristol’s leading garage conversion companies. 

We have worked on many projects consisting of single and double garage conversions, converting garages into kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas and more! 

If you’d like a free quote, then feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to share a conversation. Or alternatively fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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