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Full & Partial Wall Knock Throughs

Knock throughs are one of the most simple ways to create more space in your home by opening and extending the existing rooms through fully or partially removing an internal wall. Removing walls is also essential when adding an extension.

Structural Openings

Where the doors and windows in your home are positioned can make a big difference. Make navigating your home easier by adding extra doors to more easily connect rooms or extend current door frames to make larger door frames. You can also brighten up your home with more natural light by adding extra windows or skylights with our structural openings service

Knock through and structural opening ideas

There are many possibilities to how you can transform your home by knocking through a wall or adding a new door or window. Here are some popular ideas:

Kitchen/Dining Room 
Why not connect your Kitchen and Dining room to make it easier to prepare, serve and eat your meals in the same space. 

Master Bedroom Extension
As children grow up and move out, you may be left with smaller rooms positioned next to each other. Knocking through between these rooms will create a larger master bedroom.

En-Suite Bathroom
Connect your bedroom to the bathroom by adding a new entrance and creating an en-suite. If there is space and your bathroom is positioned between two bedrooms, you can add a door into both sides to create a ‘Jack and Jill’ bathroom design.

Add a Skylight
Adding a skylight is a great way to add more light to an attic room or rooms with no windows.

average costs for Knock throughs & Structural Openings work

As with all building projects, the cost of the service will depend on the size and time taken for the project. 

Knock throughs can cost  £2,000 – £6,000. While Structural Openings can range from £500 – £1500 for a standard single window.

Hallett Construction also offer structural engineers calculations. project.

planning permissions for Knock throughs & structural Openings

Knock throughs and structural openings will usually be included in a homeowner’s permitted development rights and do not usually require planning permission unless the building is listed.

For listed buildings, all internal and external building work will require planning permission.

Our Experience

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