What’s the best type of extension for my home?

What’s the best type of extension for my home?

What’s the best type of extension for my home? Are you looking to renovate your home, would the extra space benefit you and your family?  Here at Hallett Construction, we help bring your ideas to life. Our project management team is here to plan every step of the way, being by your side right from the initial planning of the project, to the final construction of your brand new extension. Are you unsure about what extensions you can have, or if you have enough space to build on? Talk to our specialist team today, we’re here to help bring your visions to life. If you’re looking for a bristol building specialist, please feel free to get in touch. We offer a variety of high quality extensions in the south, west which may appeal to you! 

Single Story Extensions.

Does it feel like your downstairs living area is too cramped, are you and your family constantly on top of each other and not using the space you already have? What’s the best type of extension for my home? A single story extension is the answer to your prayers. Its pretty self-explanatory, but we offer this service if you’re looking to add on an extra room to your downstairs. For example, this could be adding on an additional bedroom, living room, play area or bathroom. It’s up to you, anything that you feel would open up some more space for you and your family. Small extensions like these do not require planning permission, this speeds up the process of building your extension. Single-Story rear extensions.

This is slightly different to a single story extension as its expanding on the space you already have, instead of building a completely new room. This is most likely used in the kitchen, creating an open plan space bringing more light into the room, completely revamping your kitchen.  Why not talk to our design team today and create your dream open plan kitchen, establishing a more family orientated feel to the house. This kind of extension doesn’t dramatically increase the overall size of the house; therefore, no planning permission is required.

Two story/ Multi extension.

Are you looking to increase the value of your property, or wanting more space for your growing family? If so, a two story extension is the way forward! A double story extension allows room for an extra living room, bathroom and another bedroom, this has huge effect on the overall exterior of your property. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to add quirky features to your home which you couldn’t do before. If this is the plan you choose, you must have the correct space to build on, it’s ideal if you have a semi-detached of detached house with the potential to improve your property. The extension can be built on a side plot or your garden, for this you will have to have planning permission to allow the build to begin.


Wrap around house extensions.      

Do you live in a semi-detached/ detached house and are looking to expand your house? A wrap around house extension, usually constructed in an L shape will have a huge impact of the overall appearance of your home completely transforming your property. This is ideal if your limited to space, as it doesn’t take up too much space. This type of renovation requires a side plot to build on, and planning permission to let the building commence.      

 For any enquiries, get in touch with our team today. Our specialist knowledge can bring your ideas to life and completely transform your home. 


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