Why you should move UP and not OUT! – Bristol Building Specialists

Why you should move UP and not OUT! – Bristol Building Specialists

Bristol Building Specialists – Are you in need of extra space in the house, whether it be for a new office for you to work from home, are you dreaming of a brand new spacious kitchen? Is your family growing and you’re in need of an extra bedroom? For many, house prices have soared out of reach and moving to a new house isn’t as accessible for everyone just like it used to be. In many cases if your house has potential for adaptation and change then extensions and renovations are now seen as the way forward. 


Here at Hallett Construction, Bristol Building Specialists, our professional team offers services such as single and double story house extensions, garage renovations, Kitchen extensions and many more services which will transform your home. We have built a reputation on quality, workmanship, reliability and trustworthiness. Why move to a new house when you can keep all your memories and create more in the brand-new space we can build you! If you are currently considering moving to a new house just for the sake of 1 extra bedroom, we have some key factors which could change your mind and open you up to the possibility of expanding your home.   


Your home isn’t just about the bricks and mortar, it’s about the memories you’ve made, the location it’s in, your neighbours who you’ve built a good relationship with. If all of the above aren’t an issue, why move when you can expand? Building an extension makes financial sense.  Are you looking for a brand new shiny kitchen? Why not talk to our team today and consider expanding your kitchen area? This is the heart of your home, and when the space is utilized to its maximum family life is made much easier, making the kitchen the new hub of the house! 


If you can see further potential in your home why not talk to our team and see the potential in which we can build upon and create your dream home. Building an extension will increase the value of the property which will pay off in the long term when you do eventually sell your house. Be smart with your choices, an extra bathroom and bedroom will increase your price by at least 10%. You may find that you want to renovate your loft and create your dream master bedroom which will add even more to the price of your home! The services we offer are endless and we can tailor our services to your needs. 


When building an extension, it’s important to consider the future, think about how practical this extension will be to you and your family. You will need to consider if you will need planning permission for your extension and if it’s likely to be given to you. Like all decisions in life it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of an extension before you go through with it. Consider all costs and effects of both outcomes and do which suits you and your family. 


For specialist advice or a quote, get in touch with our team here at Hallett Construction, Bristol Building Specialists. Our services will help you take advantage of the space you already have and transform your home!


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